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I'm a PhD student in sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle. I use digital and computational methods to study experiences of community, visibility, and belonging, with a substantive focus on queer communities and LGBTQ populations. I have also interned as a quantitative UX researcher and consulted on survey data analysis.

My recent projects examine demographic and economic changes in gay neighborhoods, the disclosure of sexualities on social media, and the discursive meaning and uses of “community.” In other work, I have modeled the impact of coming out on public opinion and used machine learning combined with human knowledge to attempt to predict life outcomes from survey data.

I also strive to create open and accessible teaching materials, especially for computational social science methods and tools. If you find them useful, let me know!

My name is pronounced /ˈkɒnər ˈgɪlrɔɪ/. I generally use he/him pronouns.

© Connor Gilroy 2021

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