Computational social science

I've taught and organized workshops and full courses in computational social science, including:

  • Comparing Word Embedding Models, 2021 | materials
  • Workshop on Word Embeddings for the Social Sciences, 2021 | materials
  • Introduction to tidycensus, 2020 | materials
  • Bayesian Statistics for the Social Sciences, 2019 (TA) | lab materials
  • SICSS-Seattle, 2018 | website
  • IUSSP workshop on Social Media and Demographic Research, 2017 | materials

Data and society

I've helped to develop and teach a new course in Data and Society for UW Sociology.

Data and Society equips students to understand the consequences of the digital data revolution for their everyday lives and for society, in terms of bias, surveillance, inequality, and various forms of social, political and economic change. It also makes “data” tangible and meaningful through an interactive lab on exploratory data analysis and visualization with R, using digital data sources (such as Airbnb listings, Twitter accounts, and Facebook ads) as much as possible. I've taught this course both as the instructor of record and as a teaching assistant / lab instructor.

Download a sample syllabus
View lab materials on GitHub

Other courses

I have also been a teaching assistant for foundational courses such as Sociological Theory and Social Statistics, as well as substantive courses such as Intimate Relationships.

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